Taking the Keys to Training

Digital Ticket works with a couple of legends in sports sales training. Steve DeLay & Jon Spoelstra have been in the industry for 60+ years and work with more than 300 teams to increase revenues in both ticket sale & sponsorships.

When talking with teams across all sports, one common theme seems to come into play for Directors and VP’s. Bringing in a sales trainer for your team is usually one action item that teams are just looking to check the box on. Be careful.

Sports teams should ask themselves if this material and training style will be something that is easy to digest and will be retained for long-term use by the sales team. Does it build confidence in your strategies & techniques? Does is sell more tickets or larger sponsorships?

As you would guess, Jon & Steve have received a large number of calls over the years asking if they can come visit their staff and train them on tickets. That is a complicated request with many different avenues and approaches that can be taken. From these requests, The Ultimate Toolkit: How to Sell the Last Seat in the House was created. Within the past couple of years, Group Sales Superstar, an online group specific program, was also launched and has shown great ROI for the teams that have used it.

Key benefits of these tools include:

  • Proven strategies & tactics for all areas within ticket sales
  • Boot camp guides to train your own staff
  • Saves time for managers
  • Easy to fit into the busy schedules of your sales team
  • Great way to train new sales reps
  • One-time investment that will provide ROI year-after-year

If you are ready to take the keys to your training, email Michael Brinkman at michaelbrinkman@theultimatetoolkit.com or call at 651-755-5241 if you have any questions. You can also view more information from the following links:




The goal is to increase your sales!

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